Garage epoxy flooring in Tampa is now dominating

Garage epoxy flooring in Tampa is now the rage. People love the luminescent floor and how cool it looks when natural sunlight hits it. Throw in some metallic flakes and either I appealing substances and you’ll have constant visitors to your home.

Garage epoxy flooring Tampa fl


Garage epoxy flooring in Tampa is not just for homes. You’ll see it in places such as office buildings, veterinarians, doctors offices, etc. Is just something in this day and age it’s difficult not to notice even if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

The thing with an Epoxy floor installation is that you can get quite creative in the different types of styles you want. Of course you can just choose one color and believe me they are a lot of epoxy floors out there in Tampa that are only one color and very beautiful.

Metallic epoxy flooring is probably the most popular of this type of floors. I think it’s no surprise that this is so. Look at the people that purchase metallic flake cars. Not only do they like the way they look. But I also like the googly eyes they get from people that look at them.

And the average you will pay anywhere from five dollars to $10 per square foot to have garage epoxy flooring in Tampa. It’ll depend on that grinding, the type of flakes being used, the viscosity of the clear coating, plus other factors. Not only will you see epoxy floor installation done in Tampa, but you also see you’re done in the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas of Florida.

It is probably more common than other types of concrete flooring or hard tile flooring such as granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo. The main reason it’s not only have a cost, as it’s usually cheaper to get Epoxy floor installation than the other types of floors mentioned above.

Also the other types of floors normally have a higher maintenance cost even though they can be pretty awesome themselves. Because metallic epoxy floors are more commonly done, you’ll have a lot more contractors that offer this service.

So it is important when you’re looking to get metallic epoxy floor installation done either in your home business or facility that you manage, that you check references of the contractor that you were hiring.

Well you can check the Better Business Bureau, not every company is a member of that organization. So tough sometimes is better to check yelp,  Facebook and Google reviews. What is even better is if you can see some of the previous work. That’s the only way you really going to know if they know what they’re doing. Another way is if you know someone who does a party flooring, but does not service your area. You could ask them for advice on the right questions to ask. This will help to ensure that you get the types of epoxy floor that you’re looking for.

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