Prevent Furnace Repair during Long Island’s Winter

As winter approaches, to prevent furnace repair, you should consider preparing your home’s furnace for the cold weather. By getting your heating system ready before the winter truly begins, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is in good working order when the temperatures drop. If you spot problems, you’ll have time to call in a company offering heating repair to Long Island residents.

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Change Your Furnace Filter

When you run your furnace, the filter traps dust and other pollutants. A dirty filter can cause a furnace to work harder, making it run inefficiently. Putting in a clean filter can help ensure that your system works properly the first time you start it up. Clean filters can also help improve indoor air quality because they will be better at trapping particles. Ideally, you should change your filter every three months. You can do this on your own, without calling a furnace repair Long Island technician.


Clean the Boilers

Over the summer, dust can accumulate on a furnace’s burners. If something is obstructing the burners, carbon monoxide can build up when you first turn on the furnace. These can be cleaned off using a brush or dusting cloth. When you take this step, check the burners for signs of rust or other damage. You may need to call in a furnace repair Long Island professional if your burners are rusty.


Test Your Heating Thermostat

To further prepare your heating system, turn on your thermostat, putting it on a setting where the heat kicks on. If everything is working properly, it should turn on immediately. If not, your heating system is probably having trouble communicating with the thermostat. You can enlist the help of a company offering furnace repair in Long Island to solve the issue.


Check the Heating Vents

Check your heating vents to make sure they’re not being blocked by furniture, curtains, or other objects. Then clean dust away from the outside of the register. Depending on the dust level, you may need to remove the register to clean it fully. A dirty vent can cause your furnace to run inefficiently because it has to work harder to push warm air into your home. You can also consider hiring a heating repair Long Island company to clean your vents.


Schedule Maintenance from a Furnace Repair Long Island Company

An HVAC professional from a company that offers heating repair in Long Island can fully inspect your furnace, making sure all components are in good working order. They can also check for leaks and test everything. A reliable heating repair Long Island technician can tell you if you need any repairs. It’s better to know you have a problem while the weather is still warm than to wait until the furnace fails completely during the winter.

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